General Information

• PanGFR-HM is a resource for quick estimate of gene content of human associated microflora by building pan genome of the species, genera and more. It includes around 1300 complete microbial genomes (annotated proteomes) available for pan genomic analysis. The raw protein fasta sequences from HMP-DACC Database are used after processing. Any of these strains can be selected for such analysis at desired taxonomic level (preferably species or genus level). Different modules of this resource (accessible from the homepage) provide different options for pan genomic and comparative analysis of these microbiota.
• Pan-TX and Pan-BS enables taxonomy wise and body site wise strain selection, respectively; providing exactly the same results. While Pan-CA enables comparative analysis of 2 to 4 groups of desired strains giving out the group wise presence absence of genes (based protein sequence orthology), along with COG and KEGG based presence absence.

Pan-TX : Taxonomy wise pan genome estimation (Input steps)

Pan-BS : Bodysite wise pan genome estimation (Input steps)

Pan-TX and Pan-BS Results

Pan-CA : Comparative Pan Genome Analysis (Input steps)

Pan-CA Results

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